Photos of Louis De Bernieres

Ahead of the release of his new book “The Dust That Falls From Dreams” I photographed some exclusive portraits of Louis De Bernières author of the much-loved “Captain Corellis’ Mandolin”, “Birds Without Wings” and “Red Dog” amongst others.

Louis is a passionate and talented musician with  a particular love for guitars and their kin (mandolins being no exception). He’s recently built or restored several pieces, the Telecaster he holds here was one of his latest projects and sounds beautiful.

He performs with a variety of artists when time allows and I wanted to highlight this other love he has (amongst many). By using the library/study location we managed to incorporate enough ‘feel’ to maintain the ‘writer’ connection whilst not making it the sole focus as often happens.


Being an editorial portrait photographer in Norfolk I’m lucky to often meet some incredibly interesting creatives – writers, actors, artists and musicians – who choose to live in this part of the world. I would probably have more opportunities for this kind of work if I was a London  editorial or portrait photographer but basing myself out of the rat race has always been the overriding decision to keep a quality life balance.

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