Wedding photography Norfolk – Sarah & Tim, St Mary’s Redenhall and Little Green Farm, Denton

At this stage of the year it becomes a challenge to come up with something different to write about each wedding. You’ll mention how beautiful the bride looked (because she DID) how incredible the venue looked (because it DID) how much fun you had working with them (you DID) and how the weather came good (or not but that it still worked out). 20+ weddings into the year and no matter how eloquent a writer you are you can’t help but begin to get a feeling of de ja vu. As with any line of work it’s inevitable there will be elements of repetition in what you do and see. However the day and experience IS unique to the couple, their families and guests so I should do my best to reflect that when reporting on their special day. To that end I will now be giving my couples the chance to share the things that helped make their big day so special. This should be a bit more interesting than the usual first-person perspective I deliver and who knows, some of these insights could act as a bit of inspiration for others? There’s no time like the present so here we go..

Sarah and Tim’s wedding was simply great. A cracking couple (I’ve known Sarah and her family for ages) who deserved to have the perfect celebration – and it was. I asked Sarah share some of the details about her and Tim’s day.

WHERE WAS IT? In Norfolk. We chose to get married in the church where my Grandparents and my Great-Grandparents got married and then had the Reception in a marquee in my parents’ field next to their farm house.

THEME OR STYLE: We didn’t really have a theme as such, it was just important to us to make the day as personal as possible. We were so lucky that our friends and family were able to help make an input which made the day so special. As far as the colour was concerned, we opted for a Cadburys’ Purple colour.

BRIDE’S DRESS: I chose a strapless, A-line dress from the wedding shop ‘Prima Donna’ in Norwich. I had spent the day looking for dresses with my Mother and bridesmaids and then I found this dress at the end of the day which wasn’t as expensive as the others, but was twice as nice – bonus!

BRIDE’S SHOES: Cheap and cheerful – I went with New Look! I know their shoes fit me well and I was determined to be comfortable on the wedding day and not walking around with blisters.

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: I chose matching necklace, tiara and earrings from a range in Debenhams called Jon Richard.

HAIR & MAKEUP: I did my hair myself on the day of the wedding. I was very conscious that I didn’t want to look like someone else on the Big Day, by having my hair styled differently and having a make-up artist coat me in foundation. Tim’s sister was kind enough to do my make up on the day and not only was it free, but it meant we got to have some lovely girly time before the wedding. We’d also had a few practises before, just to make sure we were both singing from the same hymn sheet.

GROOMSMEN: Tim chose some of his oldest and closest friends for the usher duties and choosing Pete as the Best Man was a no-brainer. The guys were great on the day and we had several people tell us that Pete really stepped up to the mark with such a great speech; not to mention how helpful he was to both the bride and groom and all the guests.

WEDDING FAVOURS: We decided against traditional favours but opted on donating some money to an Alzheimer’s charity. This was especially meaningful to my side of the family as my Granddad passed away with this disease seven years ago. Having the little cards explaining our donation on each table meant that he was still part of our day.

THE FLOWERS: We were so lucky to have Tim’s Mum grow all the flowers for the wedding. In the run up to our big day, she transformed her garden into a ‘sea of purple’ and only grew flowers and plants that would be used for our wedding. She then transported them all down from her house in the Peak District to both the church and the marquee in Norfolk. It was an amazing feat and one that made the day even more personal.

THE CAKE: My Mum made the cake and it was a beautiful, three tiered fruit cake with plenty of icing and marzipan (just as we like it!). In between each tier, she had a professional florist come and insert cream coloured roses and she wrapped a small purple ribbon around the edge of each tier.

INVITATIONS & STATIONERY: A friend of ours, Lucy, designs and makes cards in her spare time and we asked her if she would like to help us design our wedding stationery. It was such an honour for her to say yes, especially as there were over one hundred of each invitation and order of service and then she also made our table names and Menus. My Grandmother wrote all the place names in her beautiful calligraphy writing, which went on special matching stationery that Lucy had also made.

FOOD & DRINK: We travelled to France on a Booze Cruise, the weekend of the Royal Wedding and bought all our white and red wine at a special cheese and wine festival in Lille. We were lucky to have one of our French friends accompany us on the trip – I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to get as good deals if he had not been there with us.

THE HONEYMOON: We went to Egypt on our honeymoon. We started our holiday by going on a week-long cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, where we visited both The Valley of the Kings and numerous Egyptian temples. From here we went to a luxury hotel in Sharm el Sheik and relaxed in the baking heat for another few days, before heading home. It was a perfect end to our perfect wedding.

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: Once the disco started playing during the evening’s celebrations and everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. Suddenly Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’ started playing and before we knew it, my mother was pushing all our friends to one side and started dancing like a maniac in the middle of the dance floor. Seeing her finally let her hair down after all the stresses in the run up to the wedding, made everyone else relax and the whole dance floor started jumping up and down with her. And laughing. A lot.

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