The North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii – December 2010

Just before Christmas we were fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Hawaii for a bit of well deserved r’n’r after a busy year. Staying on the infamous north shore of Oahu, THE surfing mecca, we had inside connections through local legend, proprietor of Cafe Haleiwa and good friend Duncan Campbell. I have a long-held acquaintance with his brother Malcolm in California and as the “Campbell Bros.” they are the co-creators of the iconic, design-influencing Bonzer surfboard. We had a great time and got to experience some wonderful moments: shark diving, snorkelling with turtles, flying to the Big Island (Hawaii) and driving the volcano crater trail and more. However, as you’ll see, it was the surfing that took centre stage. With the Vans Triple Crown/ Billabong Pipemasters running it was a dream scenario. Thanks to Duncan we got a small taste ¬†of what the scene is really all about, met some amazing people and witnessed some incredible surfing.

Above & below: Tom Curren, OTW

Tom Carroll, Rockpile

Bruce Irons, Pipeline

Taylor Knox – top bloke. Pipeline

Joel Parkinson
Rockpile doing her thing.
Hurricane Bob, former hurricane hunter, proprietor of the North Shore Museum and Waimea veteran.
Mauna Kea, Big Island – Hawaii
Lava Fields

Kaena Point Sunset
Taylor Knox and Duncan Campbell – legends!
DC and TK hanging at the Rip Curl house at Off-The-Wall
On the search…
Campbell Brother
Dave Rastovich, Backdoor
Kelly Slater, Pipeline
Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmour – amazing!
Dane Reynolds, Pipeline
Yours truly post-surf with DC (pic by Rachel Buck)
Cafe Haleiwa РTHE place to go for breakfast, lunch and  dinner.

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